The Sky Open Up….

Today is one of those days where the day goes quickly, where u can only remember the moment u wake up check your clock and then the next time u look at your watch its already 5 pm. Everything else in between is gone…

The heavy rain in the evening stopped me and many others ( except for the hardcore ones seen running in the rain!) from having their final training at the stadium before this Sunday’s Brunei Marathon. I just found out that I had to run on the 10 km race..What??? I was talking with a friend and he was complaining that his time in last week’s trial run was 1hr 10 mins. I immediately changed the topic right then before I had to disclosed my time. Hehe……

December is the craziest month of the year workwise and within my social circle. Last nite went to a birthday/ house warming party for a dear friend Ams. He just moved in to his new house a nice spacious double-storey bungalow with the top floor loft-like design bedroom/studio..very very cosy. Going there was not an easy especially first timers like me who lives on the other side of town…. Happy Birthday Ams! ( and also Congrats for graduating in the flying-without-assistance program!!)

The previous post are pics of the house.

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