Think Survive.

Sms: Air crash Garuda in Indon.
The phone rang around 2 pm,
Me: Hello.
D: Eh tau kamu ada air crash di Indon kah?..
Me: Awu ada ku dengar plang, ada sms tadi..
D: Sup said its his cousin…
Me: What? Klu cousin nya cousin ku tu..( duhhh!)
D: Iatah ku tepun kau ani
Me: Cousin ku yg mana satu?
D: Entah ah…Yang sebelah rumahnya kali
Me: What..???? Bah baik tah ku check lagi eh…Thanks

So I call the other cousin;
Me: Hello Miss Kat.Banar kah?
Kat: Awu, its Sha but he’s hospital now,..kawannya saja dislocated..
Me: What..seriously? Banar kah? ( with disbelief!!)
Kat: Awu tadi ia tepun sudah…….
Me: Ok. Baik jua ..syukur alhamdulliallah. Behapa ia ke sana kan?
Kat: Ia atu ada mtg..
Me: Apa tah mama mu ok?
Kat: Awu ok ia sudah..nya krg ada doa selamat d rumah tu maghrib..
Me: Ok. bah krg tah ( relieved)

I was thinking all the way on the drive home. What happened? When and why? I visualised the plane wreckage on CNN, smoke, burned metals, survivors… Syukur Alhamdulillah that both Bruneians are safe. As I switched on the TV and log on the net, it was buzzing with reports of the crash, including the blogosphere. **According to the family, the minute the plane turned side way and crashed, he immediately jumped out into the field and went to safety. He then dialled the Brunei embassy and his family in Brunei with his mobile phone, which he kept in his pocket.

Think what would you do in an air crash. This site actually give us how to survive an air crash. For the frequent travellers its good to know and of cos the most effective is to pray to Allah the almighty, that we will arrive to our destination safe and sound. Amin.

I applaud RBA the first time they introduced reading the doa before every journey…That made travelling less stress with peace of mind. This is a true blessing for the 2 survivors who embarked their journey ex- Bandar Seri Begawan.

Lets hope that both the Bruneians and other survivors of the crash are recovering well. Amin

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5 Responses to Think Survive.

  1. Adidarwish says:

    I never appreciate RBA before until this happened…. BIG salute now to RBA…

  2. ucingitam says:

    In RBA, safety is our top priority. InsyaAllah, we can assure you the safety of our airplanes

  3. Bruneian says:

    OMG.. thank god they are alright..

    Yea, please please please Ucingitam.. pleaseeeeee ensure safety is the first priority. I wont care how long I have to wait for the airplane.. as long as the safety is top notch.

    I hate flying really.

  4. ber says:

    Adi: Actually me too but I gotten to like it cos it’s our identity. BlackCat: Awu eh better make sure safety is priority walaupun kamu budgeting!!! I’m a ferquent notch !haha
    Bruneain: Thank U for concern

  5. ucingitam says:

    sure guys, it’s our company mission; A Safe, Reliable, Profitable airlines :)

    We’re lucky our pilots are well-brainstormed not to fly the planes if its not in a perfect condition.

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