Negative Chi

Is it me or the internet has been slow as f#!k. Loading the pages is painstakingly slow hence the no photographs in this post. For some reason nothing is going my way lately. My next trip which I have been looking forward to has been canceled and the work starting to pile up. I can hear the words “Take it up as a challenge!, Cubaan…” Ok, taking it in. Company dinners are like sitting thru a crap movie, waiting and waiting till the many many courses ends.

I’m in state of dizziness. The effect of my colleague’s drving skills which is like mad, with his braking technique, every minute like nobody’s business all the way from KB to Bandar on an empty stomach.

Contemplating of taking other activities this weekend to flush out the negative chi, fishing, rock climbing, gym, skinny dipping aka as mandi bunga di tasek, calling up Madam Lilian Too etc etc…!

I wonder when the shutterbugs doing their outing again..hmmmm

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One Response to Negative Chi

  1. Zadm says:

    We will inform you the next outing , don’t worry.

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