The Eating Out Dos & Don’ts

The fasting month is the time to take advantage of the many selections of the very affordable and popular sungkai/ sahur buffet in Brunei. Here are some of my tips on the do’s and don’ts for eating out at this time of the year;

  1. WEAR your most comfortable and loose fitting outfit nothing fitted or tight (.. unless ofcos you not planning to eat) I tell ya..Its worth it when you reached that bloated feeling and add inches back to your gut. Ofcos comfy not compromising your presentation Ladies & Gents, meaning no shorts, no tank top. Its Ramadhan for goodness sake, lets not put-off the other patrons!
  2. TURN UP more than half an hour earlier atleast to make sure your table is in an ideally strategic location (.. one which is a close distance as possible to the buffet counter!) in the restaurant or incase you want to change etc.
  3. SURVEY the buffet and PLAN ahead of what to eat..It saves time.
  4. START early by taking your entree earlier so you’ll be able to settle nicely and break fast sitting down at your table to avoid the long queue rush and to avoid to break fast while queueing at the buffet..
  5. ALTERNATIVELY avoid the mile long queue upon your arrival, start your entree from the appetiser/fruit/dessert bar instead as the queue is usually at the mains. Sweet threats are good practised to break fast its also ‘sunah’..
  6. PACE YOURSELF and avoid rushing between each serving or trip to the buffet. Like myself, this is the most challenging as we tend to lose focus and over eat when faced with such incredible food choices, but do try to pace yourself. Avoid the speed-eating-silent syndrome. Conversation people conversation is good!
  7. KNOW your limit, do not be kiasu and take more than you can eat on your plate only to leave it uneaten in the end..‘Thou shall not waste.’
  8. Be COURTEOUS with the other patrons meaning no cutting queues, no loud burping, no farting and yes the classic, do pick the food with the utensils provided not with your bare hands ( ..shocking, but true) etc etc…

**AVOID that bloated feeling and not being able to stand up & walk back to your car from the overeating, by drinking warm water or tea at the end of your meal…It helps to wash it down and settled the food.

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