Gerai Stadium; the skinny…

Hungry all day waiting till time to break the fast at sunset put our imagination into overdrive replaying visions of ice cold glasses of air bandung, nasi goreng, cendol, bubur kacang and every other mouthwatering foods imaginable…

Every year there is always a type of local delicacy that I find tastier during the fasting month, this year was the pandan pulut panggang. I visited the stadium gerai for the 3rd time just to get the addictive glutonious rice wrapped in leaves and filled with rich prawn paste….Yummy. To find the right stall ( name but is in middel row next to the murtabak stall!) and food that taste this good is a gem on its own as most of the food sold tend to be bland and tasteless i.e. the vendors are fasting; no tasting and tend to wrongly estimate ingredients for eg. the revolting kueh malaya. Every year the vendors came up with new recipes and delicacies to attract the hungry customers, this year I saw the durian pancake (..yuck!) and the strawberry flavored cendol!

Going down to the gerai, u need to have some strategy on what to or what not. With so many food on display, delectable smell and an empty stomach, it is easy to succumb to buy unnecessary amount of food. Now, getting good food is trial and error process on its own but a good trick is to look for the stalls where the crowds tend to gather eg. the crispy cucur udang stall, (..king prawn in batter and yes, deep fried in gallons of oil!!) a guaranteed deliciousness.

Next post will be how to trick your tummy from saying no during sungkai….*sigh.
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