Plus size are more fun….

Apparently Spain fashion week ban skinny models, thin frail-looking models with BMI less than normal. Finally, I saw it on CNN , the report that the Spanish Govt.’s has ban skinny models participating in the fashion week and prefer healthier sizes which are more acceptable and real. The pic from the recent JPG Spring 2007 show in Paris says it all, my oh my, that is what I called real mode and weighing at 132 kg…

When the bulletin ran an article about how we are a nation of obese last month, I couldn’t agree more. I did a visual survey while shopping for my weekly rations today, out of 3 in every 5 people are obese, not just obese but obese. It is our culture, our food, our lives…
Does this mean we are a nation of models? Hmmmmmmm…? To all aspiring stick-thin models (..and wannabes) stopped hunger and start feeding…..

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