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I started the day at Jing Chiew ( a place of gathering for retired civilians and all the Taukeh, located in the old Gadong Area close to the river & the bridge) having breakfast of Zhamie Kuew Teow and the famous roti Goreng kahwin and looking at the pages of the September Grab It! magazine which I managed to pick up at the kedai kaling amongst the blinding magazines covers of that kampung girl, Siti’s wedding..if not with the help of my RayBan’s aviators.( she’s all over profiting her so-called big wedding bash..enough already,,why don cha!)

I was interested by one of the article on ‘Residential Property Hotspots in Brunei’, which says that the Top Property Residential from year 2000 onwards is

  1. Gadong
  2. Mata-mata
  3. Jangsak
  4. Beribi
  5. Bunut/bengkurong
  6. Kuala Belait
  7. Sengkurong/ Jerudong
  8. jalan Muara
  9. Lambak/ Berakas
  10. Bandar area of Kianggeh/ Subok/ Berangan

I do not know how they conduct their survey but it prompt me to do my own survey of my own on the above. It also showed that for the 90’s, Gadong is still a high preference residential area. I can only imagined gadong as one of the top due to the vicinity of commercial centres and also living quarters for the foreign workers.

The survey also include the top 3 places for safeness, traffic ease, property prices as;

  1. Sg. Akar
  2. Berakas
  3. Jerudong

What do u think?

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