Chaotic Monday

What an off day it has been? Barely a day back from my vacation and I am busy the whole day running errants dealing with reality.

My aircon spilling out juices probably missing me so much..Damn it!! I need to call the aircon man for the servicing.

I missed the cats appointment to the vet. But a feline friend informed me that apparently the Govt. Vets ran out of worming tablets. Oh well! My household is 3/4 made up of cats, which apparently is getting fatter by the minute. Yes boys and girls we’re a household of PUSSY LOVERS…Haha

I went around Gadong to do the car maintenance and servicing. Sorry but I don like dealing with dodgy mechanics when they can’t even open my car’s boot. I rather pay more to a certified one.

I finally got thru that Ministry’s of… hotline and talk to the officer. Its OK operator, I use to work with the Govt. too. I know 830 am is still too early for u the operators aka ladies of leisure. No judgements!!

I was in that early stage of having a good afternoon nap when Kimmy woke me up today with that croaky voice almost like crying. Shocked me for a second..Suspense!. Apparently its the aftermath of the weekends’s party which ended till the next morning. Serves u right girl! Now lemme get back to sleep…

Must be the crazy day getting to my head. Love all around……

I miss blogging…Is that normal? After reading this via, signs points out to a YES.

To my running gang,

Sorry boys, will join u guys running tmrw. Usual time tu.

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