Fishing around?

Sunset… and that is other people’s catch ( not ours)..

Waiting and waiting…..

Breakfast or was it Brunch? at Jing Chiew, somehow the waiters were a bit slow today eventho they weren’t as many people in the shops..the waiters must have been up to no good last nite.


Slept from Lunch onwards till late afternoon. We decided to go for fishing to Serasa,It was a perfectly fine day, sun was shining…However somehow today Serasa was jammed with cars, so slowy..all these cars, small and boxy, all modified. Whoever started the ‘potong spring’ craze must have a good reason to start this or that person can be just stupid. It is ever so annoying to be behind one of these cars, moving slowly and swerving sideways whenever driving over speed humps. Not only the body, the sound system, my God, sound system and sub woofer installed with volume enough to shake the cars around…and the driver..Deaf anyone?

Back to the fishing…we found a good spot near the rocks at the end of Serasa. We waited and waited and ate and ate some more…..still no fish. I’m determined to catch at least one, especially on our left side a family was catching at least 4 fish for the last hour. By the time we devoured all our food, the sky was getting darker and strong wind moving towards Serasa we decided to pack up? Where have all the fish gone…? It wasnt exactly an empty catch, while waiting for the fish we managed to watch the sunset ….so picturesque like one of those calendar!!

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