Hidden Gems

First impression counts.
So here I was having this meeting with this woman from this BIG Company, she was funny, intelligent, tall, dark but something very odd and peculiar, with her hands movement when she speaks with her deep voice, too flamboyant. I examined her in her Baju Kebaya, broad shoulders, small hips and feminine and butch..yes butch. A friend pointed out that Rose is infact not a real woman, she is or was a man.

I knew it!

We do have them here, these ladies, woman/ man amongst us, in high profile jobs ( .. yes u hear me right, Awang by day, Dayang by nite!!), on TV, in Bandar lurking in the dark alleys near the multi storey carparks. Everytime I drive down to Bandar in the evening, there are quite visible, sitting on the curb, touching up their face and sashaying their outfit, waiting for ‘friends’.

I have friends who are like them, woman trapped in a man’s body according to them. Always fun to have them around and brings that dash of colors to parties or any gatherings. They even get paid to perform shows in weddings and some very high profile events I tell ya….

I remember watching this documentary on National Geographic, Hidden Genders on the transsexuals in India, eunuch or ‘hijras’ as they are known as. Eunuchs or hijras are castrated at puberty, while others are hermaphrodites or simply cross-dressers. They are usually dressed in their colourful and striking saris and heavy make up.gold jewellery in their hair, specifically one named Venilla. The documentary centres around Venilla and her friends, their lives, their house, a safe haven which provide refuge for new hijras. They made a living by prostituting on the streets of Mumbai or invited to Indian weddings for their blessings on the bride and groom with their lively dance and songs. The Hindu believe that the blessings from hijras would bring the bride and groom good luck. Venilla and her friends are a the rarity, in that they also play a role in promoting safe sex and HIV by distributing condoms and pamphlets on the streets.

Yes we have them here, hidden but visible. So next time u drive down to Bandar at night, just keep a watchful eye.

Oh now u know, Venilla is not just an ice cream flavor…

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