The Virgo is colour blind..

I know this a long time but I just needed to share this with everyone….

This defect only affects people who are born between 1st – 20th September.

Colour blindness is common for all men born on these dates and the most common defect is the deficiency in red & green or even higher. I know these because all of the people I know and friends (6 and counting) who are fellow Virgos or September babies. It doesn’t affect the person’s vision ( except that its a No-No if u want to be a pilot or chemist!!), in fact another thing I noticed about colour blindness is I can see in the dark ( not by means of super powers but I can see in dark!).Yes for those of you who thinks that we do not differentiate colors its not like that all. Its when the shades of two colors like red & green come close together that the confusion or blurry vision starts…

Help me collect infos on this, If you fit the above..let me know..

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