Today is here. I’ll be on my way to Seoul for the opening of AKC ( Asean-Korea centre) and to showcase my photograph for the opening of the of the AKC and to fly the Brunei flag!


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5 Responses to Bandar-Bkk-Seoul

  1. HBK says:

    Congratz bro on your showcase in Korea. :)

  2. ber says:

    Thank u HBK

  3. ero sennin says:

    hi, I’m curious to know what lenses you got there.

  4. ber says:

    hi ero..its a 16-35 mm f2.8, 50mm 1.4 & a fisheye

  5. lisadragon says:

    haha we left on the same day! but you’re not back yet. *jelesh*
    have funnn

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