I did the 10 km

When the SCB announced their #theracethatcares back in April, I eagerly answered yes but after registering and looking at the 10 km route my reaction was kinda nervous. Afterall, with the travelling beforehand how would I be able to race in it. Don’t get me wrong I’m a runner, always has been, I run every week, since young, just an avid runner. Its a way to keep me sane and grounded and a way to keep fit. After the summer travelling to London & beyond (more of that in the next post) I felt nervous about not completing this race, kinda like butterflies in my stomach but not, I said kinda like I almost wanna give up. Maybe the jetlag from the 18 hour flite from Heathrow or simply just lazy, I dunno. In my head, my inner voice keep saying but this is to show and also about giving back and the people ( the office mates) who donated and believed in me enough to contribute in the donation. I even play it in my head how I would give up during the race, stop by  girlfriend’s house which is along the route. haha

So on the nite of the race, at a friend’s dinner with all friends support and reassuring me that I should be able to do it. I said yeah, I should! Half heartedly!? Only then, I feel confident doing it, but jet lag made me sleepless that nite. After a 2 hr of sleep on race day morning, I met up with some running mates who are taking part in the warm up, helps me gain some confident boost. My strategy is just start slow steady and conserved fuel and whats left inside me then. So after the flag off, I just ran on my own pace with the Black Eyed Peas’s song blazing in my ears, watching everyone else passed me along the race. One by one, people passed me. I’m pretty sure that I’m in the last segment of the race worm. My nike ipod keeping me up the time every 5 minute intervals every step of the way.  20 minutes into the run after the Ministry of Finance building and Madonna’s ‘Jump’ song, my body starts to warm up, the natural endorphine kicks in and I am in my zone. There’s no stopping me now. I continue and start running, picking up a faster pace. Finishing line is imminent now. I picture it in my head. At the Ministry of Defence checkpoint, it was a struggle, the leg started to get fatigue but I continue my pace. In my head, mind over matter. I can do this. You can do this. I said. Picturing the finishing line. This race is against my competition, that is me.!

Finished line was a good feeling. I did it in 62 mins. Not very me but I did it. Needs room for improvement. Thank You and Well Done to the organisers Standard Chartered for a great event not only to run and keep fit but also a good way to give back and big Thank You to my office mates for sponsoring their personal contribution to me. By the way so u know, I did try #HSBC but I was down with flu and the marathon was full then.

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