Ice Cream Sunday

black cat tagged me so here goes;
Tell us your name
call me Ber…..

Three things about yourself:
Simplicity,Sincerity and Positivity..

What’s in your playlist:
Maxwell’s Urban Hangout Suite

Your favourite music:
anything maybe bebel gilbetto’ ish

Favourite food:

Define love:
chocolate cake and lazy sundays

Any celebrity crushes:

The last person you hugged:
P & Love

The last person you talked to:
I don know….meself??

The last time you cried:

The last time you had sex:
Chocolates are my sex…..

The last time you made out:
I made what???..A nice juicy tuna on facacio bread with basil and olive oil…yummmy.

The last person you dated:
Christy & Kate..

The last time you went out:

What’s on your mind now?:
thinking that I should’ve done that…nevermind!!

What’s bothering you?:
Negative people

This year’s resolutions:
its the same every year; Live & Learn

Your MSN nick:

What’s your MSN nick about?:

What do you miss the most?:
I miss sleep, I miss my bed……….zzzzzzzzzzz

Current mood:
Sleepless & Exhausted……

What are you thinking?:
How to be a millionaire quick..hahaha!

Best childhood memory:
picking fresh fruits and catching fish in the mud when I was small at my grandfather’s orchard.

3 of your biggest fears:
my car stall…yikes! and another 2…

Who do you love?:
My Love…

3 of the things you hate:
Hippocrates, salted plum & durian (yuck!))

Do you blog?:

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One Response to Ice Cream Sunday

  1. Babunya says:

    Cute nya….. that’s my baby!!! No wonder his sore throat atu inda pandai baik ah! 😉

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