Seoul Spaces

The first day in Seoul has been long but very very exciting. Seoulians are very very well-versed in English and well dressed and just very friendly. The hospitality has been wonderful that it totally dimished the fact that I’m sleepless after the 5hr flite frm Bangkok arriving in Incheon at 6am local time.

We started off at the AKC and then lunch and then off to all the galleries. We, the ASEAN artist / photographer/ visual arts/ contemporaries taking part in this exhibition. The Magnetic Power exhibition takes place in 10 gallery space. We all were taken to all galleries to meet the director of each gallery and also view each artist set up and work. They are really talented individuals who are active in the movement of the photography arts and visual artistry in their country. I have no clue of how big this exhibit was until my first day here. Seoul has a big followings of arts culture and hence the many galleries. In one area aloneĀ  Samcheong-dong there are about 52 galleries along the area.

I was eager to see my work in frame on white walls space. I am showing in Coreana Museum while the other Brunei artist Shariffe J. is showing at JinSun Gallery.

img_1625Going to Gallery 4 with Yin Yuen Kim, the currator


The other Brunei artist, Shariffe J showing at the Gallery JinSun

img_1639Setting up the National Day series at Coreana Space Cimg_1633the final touches


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2 Responses to Seoul Spaces

  1. 920 Ahmad HT says:

    kacak jua kau kawan, dimana kan ni, kau begambar ani?

  2. ber says:

    hehe ..terima kasih

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