Travel: Seam Riep

One of the things I relish every now and again is traveling, just going away for a break from home wether short or long  to an old or new destinations. I make it part of and a good way for me to unwind and get away from the high-demand work . A good way to get familiar with a foreign places prior to going day is to google and go on especially when deciding on where and what to a foreign land, accomodations.etc.

Siem Reap remind me of an old Hanoi before modernisation. It still has its French colonial influence from the abundance of baguettes, yes the bread and the french facade and design evident in the many villas around town. For a comparatively small town Siem Reap offers a good selection of restaurants,cafes and bars which can be overwhelming especially deciding what to eat for a meal.The number of tourist and backpacker is evident especially at night when the streets n bars comes alive and also at the hot spot; Angkor temples which can be frustrating especially during the peak hours of day and a photographer like me

The major mode of transport is motorbikes, tutuk and bicycles in that order. It can cost for a mere US$2 to ride on a tutuk around town or a good $1Us for a motorbike taxi, which u will notice as they hound you from every corner to the discerning tourist!  The streets from the airport  ride to town centre are line with hotels, from the expensive 5 star  to the cheap no star b& b which caters for the budget tourist or backpackers. I opted for the cheap locally run villa which isjust 5 mins to towncentre and have the basic necessities like internet!


Angkor temple is a park and is not just one temple, it is made up of several archeological temples ruins spread over several kilometers within the park. Therefore it is good to hire a tutuk a day, which for us 3 cost us abt US$18. The main temple of significant importance is the Angkor Wat, Bayon; where there is the significant buddha statues temple & Angkor Thom; where the huge old trees grew on the temple ala lara Croft set.

We started the exploration of the park as early as 0430am to catch the sunrise ( so did everyone else I tell ya!) and ended at 1930 hrs with lunch and excursion n power nap in between. Actually we were practicaly  chased out of Angkor Wat due to its closing time of 7pm, Oh dear!.Enjoy the pics…………




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