Unlazy Sunday….

My morning starts with a run at the gym and some crunches..On the way out I was offered the ephonemous pink pill for the millionth time by a beefcake. The pill that promises rock hard abs muscle and a 28 inch waist..No THanks! It rain again during lunch while I was driving home..

Did some rearranging and housekeeping inspired by Channel 11 on Astro..Had some good helping of CSI’s and Nigella and went to watch Basketball finals. I don really like Basketball but if u never been to one, the energy of the crowd at the game is infectious, not today I went home midway thru the finals…cos Darwin was losing plus I wanted to sleep! For some of my Gfs, the Basketball Season for them is a drool feast… and they’re hardly young girls, just young looking..Haha!

So I just got some bunch of new mags today..incl vanity Fair with Kate on cover. For some who knows me, I go crazy over my magazines! I have some dating back from 1990’s..which is considered vintage and should fetch me some cash on ebay..is it?

Oh and I had to put this pic here….Mariah s concert pic of her looking well, spilling out in tight tight jeans..

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